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Meet the two founding brothers of the LeVIVO rental condo project
The LeVIVO rental condo building in Longueuil is primarily a family affair. The men behind this wonderful project are two brothers: Luc and David Simard. Who are they? What are their motivations? What values did they transpose into LeVIVO?
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Construction of LeVivo: Exceptional rental condos in Longueuil
Finding the perfect condo to rent can be arduous…it is difficult to find a place to live that is comfortable, contemporary and especially affordable. What if we told you that such a place exists in Longueuil?
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Voiture électrique
LeVIVO : A rental condo project looking towards the future
The LeVIVO rental condo project is ready for the next 100 years, says developer David Simard. And with reason! The building features electric vehicle parking with charging stations, a gym, a large green outdoor courtyard and common areas that are enjoyable and well thought out. All in a smoke-free environment.
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LeVIVO : Delivered as promised
LeVIVO greeted its first tenants as of the month of June. Their support and collaboration were invaluable throughout the trial period. The LeVIVO team was able to deliver a fully functional building by the July 1 deadline.
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